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On-line Marketing
Is It For Me?

Just like anyone who decides
to create their own business
anywhere, it's not for everyone.

Virtual Business or
On The Corner?

There are many similarities between
the Internet and what is called a brick
and mortar store.
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Starting Out
Part Time Or?

Just like any business, it takes time
and money to start.  If you have
the resources to jump in full time...

Why Create
a Business Plan?

Creating a business plan is essential
for a successful business anywhere. 
There are those that ...

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popular articles

How To Put
Your Plan Into Action?

My best advice?  Take it one day
at a time and be persistent in your
efforts to reach your planned goals.

    Why Stay
    Focused To Your Plan?

    The more time you spend
    keeping an eye on your website,
    the quicker you will see results.
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    popular articles

    Why Avoid
    Daily Distractions?

    Daily distractions are going 
    to occur no matter what you do. 
    Know that up front.

    Can You Always
    Do It By Yourself?

    Can you create an on-line business
    by yourself? Simple answer...
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    popular articles

    Why The Forums
    and Blogging?

    Why the forums and blogs? 
    It all starts from education. 
    Sign up at a few forums that...

    How Do You
    Find A Niche Market?
    First, what is a niche market? 
    A marketing term used to describe
    a precise market and customer.

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    The World Wide Web...
    On-Line Business Creation

    by Billgreen54

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    You can build a Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Business.
    It just takes some time and a Proven Step by Step Plan...

    Go here to find out how...

    Internet marketing and building an honest on-line business can be daunting, intimidating, adventurous and more. These are a few of the thoughts that go through my mind while writing this article.  Baby Boomers, as well as Young Internet Marketers will find our website interesting and informative.

    Learn about search engines and how they work.  Google is number one and it’s an important key to the on-line success of most websites on the Internet.  While there are many ways to Earn Income on The Internet, starting with the basics will be key to your On-line marketing success.

    Affiliate Marketing and all that goes with it is a great way to make money on-line. Think of or  There are thousands of companies offering great products. An On-line full time business can be  created with some effort and proper planning.  Building a website is just the beginning to creating and developing a Profitable Internet Business.

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    Baby-Boomers are considered anyone born in the USA from 1946 to 1964. There are sixty five million Baby Boomers in the United States. I am just one of the sixty five million.  In the coming years, many will be searching for alternate ways to supplement their income. Making Money On-line will be just one of the ways of adding extra income to any household.

    Building an Internet based business can be fun and at the same time, challenging.  Start Internet Marketing full time or part time with very little money. Whether you are searching for a way to Earn Money for something special or Everyday Needs, creating an On-Line Business can be the perfect solution.
    Over the years, Affiliate Marketing has been looked at by many as a term for good and bad.  Just like anything in life; when creating something new, there will always be some positive and negative. The Baby Boomer generation has the opportunity to earn passive income while staying busy with a new career.

    As we look into the future for something to keep us busy, Internet Marketing can be just the thing. Do what you love and the money will follow. This is a favorite phrase of mine.  It’s  just one reason why you are reading this now.  I am doing what I enjoy.  Writing, teaching and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

    While you are helping others achieve their goals in life, there are countless benefits.  Just think about it!  Doing what you enjoy by simply offering information or products and services can be fun and rewarding. Part time or Full time Work; it is up to you to decide. If you have the desire to achieve success, you can do anything.

    Affiliate Marketing; in the broadest sense of the word, is simple.  Compare it to advertising in a newspaper.  You create the newspaper while companies and individuals advertise their products and services. Many brick and mortar stores have evolved into a completely new enterprise.  This has been accomplished by the advent of The World Wide Web.

    Now, change the newspaper for a website; an informative website.  A website that helps others find information, news, useful content of some kind. Maybe it’s a blog where you share your life knowledge. Creating short stories about your life. It could be a photo blog full of history and knowledge. On-line stores and many types of services are other ways to create an on-line business.  The possibilities are endless.

    One of the keys to a successful Internet Based Business is to update your website often. Daily or a few times a week is always best. Google is the number one search engine on the planet and it likes regular updates. Websites that give its readers what they are searching for will be around for a long time.

    8 Instant Amazon Niche Product Blogs.

    In exchange for all your hard work and the information you have taken the time to amass, an audience will begin to appear. People who use the Internet for knowledge and research will begin to use your website often. Once they find your work of art, offer products and services available from affiliates that compliment your website content.

    Over the past few years, many newspapers have ceased to exist as a paper publication. Some have gone out of business, while others have changed with the times.  Progress has always been part of society throughout the centuries.  The Internet is no exception. Search Engines like Google provide website creators the ability to share knowledge around the world.

    My journey into the elusive world of Affiliate Marketing and creating websites and blogs started in early 2005.  Curiosity for Internet Marketing on The World Wide Web has been one of my passions since the creation of a family owned business website in 1999. Affiliate Marketing and learning how to build an on-line business has been a true life adventure.  We have been making money on-line for some time now.

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    I'm sure the twenty five years spent in retailing implanted the endless need for buying and selling. The countless opportunities offered to anyone willing to invest time, effort and a lot of creativity are endless. Educating yourself with the help of others trials and errors, is the best way to learn how to build an On-line Empire.

    Earn Income On-line from your home and create your own schedule while having some fun. Starting an On-line business at first will be a lot of work along with trial and error.  Affiliate Education takes time and effort, but over time, you can make money doing it.  I have been making money On-line for years.

    The basic principles in business are required. Find a need and fill it. How do we create or procure what the customer is looking for. What are the methods of promoting and logistics. This is just a taste of a bare bones approach to the concept of Internet Marketing.

    The Pin Anything Plugin for WordPress...

    What follows this simplistic description of an on-line business is; your Creativity and Desire to Achieve. The approach you take is up to you.  Should you decide... The Seat of Your Pants Method; hang on for a bumpy ride.

    Just like any business, an outline is required. A business plan is an essential part of creating and developing a business anywhere. The Internet is no exception.  Creating a solid road-map is key to a successful on-line success story.  Once you have created your business plan, now it’s time to put it into action. The challenge beforehand will be to educate yourself and learn how the World Wide Web works.  

    If you think you are too old to learn something new, change your mindset. Think about the days when you were able to create and invent. Think about the time when you needed a job to pay some bills. If you want or need to create a second income, the Internet is a great place to go. It’s never too late to start an Internet based business.

    For all the folks out there that want to make real money using the Internet as your virtual store, anything is possible. Just like most businesses, an investment in time and money is required. Sometimes a little; maybe a lot. Remember, I said, time and money. Affiliate Marketing isn’t for everyone, but once you get into it, it’s not that tough.

    The good news is, you are never too old; there’s still time. The first key to Internet success is attitude. If you like creating and building things, Affiliate Marketing might be the right thing for you. Just remember that just like anything else, you only get out, what you put in.  Lot’s of effort, education, time and often; a little luck.

    Internet marketing involves so many details that it's impossible for one individual to do everything. You may some help with your new on-line project for a few of the challenging aspects. Our staff is here to help you with planning, information and website creation. We also offer turn key websites that can be purchased outright.

    From the start, just creating a business concept and developing it for the long haul is a never ending process. The Internet changes daily. Just when you think you have figured out how all this works, you wake up one morning just to discover another variant has been put into play. When it happens; and it will, you have two choices to make before your business goes the way of the dodo. Run for your life or tackle what is standing in your way.

    If you are thinking of getting into affiliate marketing and building an Internet empire, running isn't an option. Just know that, the Internet, and all that goes along with it; is still in it's infancy. Expect the unexpected and everything will be fine.

    Although, most people know hard work is usually the key to business success, the Internet can be an entirely different way of life. Hard work and diligence are keys to creating an on-line enterprise. Ongoing education will always be a daily exercise.

    Download PLR and Master Resell Products.

    There are going to be overnight success stories. Just remember; they are the true exception. Anyone who tells you that your new Internet business is going to make you rich overnight isn’t being honest. They are searching for someone who's gullible, weak minded, desperate or just plain stupid. Don't be fooled by promises that sound too good to be true. We've all heard it, "If it sounds too good to be true, it is!.

    My staff and I have created this website to help educate everyone who is just starting out; Including Baby Boomers and young entrepreneurs alike. We update information often.  Our website teaches Internet Marketing and how to create an income on The World Wide Web.

    Just remember that building a profitable business takes time and a tremendous effort to obtain your goals and expectations.  Baby Boomers who need to create income, should definitely consider utilizing the Internet.  Remember that the World Wide Web is growing and it changes everyday. Our hope is that the information contained on every page of this website, will in some way provide you with a wealth of information and help guide you on your path to Internet Income Success.

    Life is an Adventure... Live it!

    All About Internet Marketing
    Best Way to Start Learning!

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